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Miracles@Home provides you with an online solution to dependence and addiction problems

Our program is delivered using the latest web technologies and offers you the opportunity to participate in the program from the comfort of your own home.

What is the Miracles@Home Online Recovery Program?

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I was really struggling to find help. Being trapped at home was only making things worse.              Finding Miracles@Home Online Recovery Program saved me. Having something to focus on, a goal to achieve and the daily support totally changed my perspective and helped me get sober. They continue to support me and I cannot recommend them enough.

Michael H., Sydney

I found Miracles@Home’s Online Recovery Program a very well put together, highly effective tool. The program was delivered in easy-to-follow, logical steps with ample live contact time. Given the restrictions around accessing addiction help at the moment, this program was a very good option for me, as well as great value for money.

Sandra A., United Kingdom

I would highly recommend Miracles@Home to anyone who is struggling with addiction. The benefit of having completed Miracles@Home was that I was able to accept that I was an addict and that not everyone’s using styles are the same. I feel Miracles@Home helped me to break through any denial I had left in a tentative, informative way. The program helped me because it was all encompassing; meditation, yoga, psychoeducation, process groups and signposting. Miracles lives up to its name as it was a miracle for me!

Donna, England

Miracles@Home was a miracle for me!

I was trapped in addiction, it felt like a prison. I had to drink everyday alone. That was my life. When I drank with others it would get messier as I would add cocaine to the mix. I tried many times to stop and was defeated, to the point where I thought there was no point in trying onlyl to fail again, and again. Because of the advice given by Miracles I now have gratitude, meditation, AA home group, sponsor and higher power. I feel optimistic, peaceful, calm, quietly confident and a sprinkling of fear as I don’t want to lose what I have. In order to keep this, I have to do everything that is recommended and work it daily!

Anna, United Kingdom

The benefit of having completed Miracles@Home was that I was able to accept that I was an addict. I feel Miracles@Home helped me to break through any denial I had left. I would highly recommend Miracles@Home as it is possible to carry on with normal life while getting well.​

Beth, United Kingdom

The program covered a lot of topics and I found that I took away valuable points even from the topics that didn’t resonate with me at first. Many different elements were covered….and each topic was backed up by videos and papers that covered the science of ‘why’ not just the ‘what’ we should do. I found this particularly helpful as this made it more compelling to follow.

Drew, Hong Kong

I drank every day. I drank to relieve stress, to celebrate, to forget about my annoying ex, to forget about my loneliness. At a party, I drank so I’d feel less awkward. Around my good friends I drank to have more fun. When I felt that I didn’t belong anywhere in this world, I drank. I couldn’t go two days without drinking. The moment I woke up, I’d be worried how much I’d end up drinking that day. I would promise myself I’d stop with only two glasses and I could not keep that promise every day. Now I have tools and relief. I feel a lot of love…for my daughter, my dog, my parents, sisters, and friends – even for my enemies. I don’t feel jealousy towards other people like I used to feel. I feel that I’m slowly discovering who I am, and becoming more accepting of myself. I’m not ashamed of me, and I am good just as I am. Thank you Miracles!​

Blair, Hong Kong

Highly recommend Miracles@Home. The materials were available to download and read (and re-read) at our own pace. This left me with a good resource for future reference. The Zoom meeting was with the same participants……and allowed the flexibility to ensure that I could attend from anywhere. The intensive month-long program also gave enough time to cover the topics while also being a manageable horizon to aim for.​

Cameron, Hong Kong


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