How it works ?

Our online recovery programs

We offer a world first selection of evidence-based educational and reflective materials supported by a program of daily routines, recovery reflections, guided meditations and breath work.

  • A proven routine of recovery behaviors that actually work.

  • A program you can integrate into your life at a time that works for you.

  • In these times of social isolation and uncertainty (COVID-19), our programs provide support and treatment options for people who need help with addiction and dependence problems.

  • Our programs have been proven to work for people from all walks of life who are struggling with addiction or dependence.

Our results

98% completion rate in 2020

  • High rate of sustained recoveries

  • High rate of relationship and family reconciliations

  • Positive endorsements and feedback from Healthcare professionals

  • Ongoing supportive relationship with alumni clients 

  • Positive testimonials from clients

  • Endorsed by employers

Accessible from any device

Our online training is accessible from any device, computer, tablet or smartphone


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