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Each workplace experiences its own issues when

it comes to challenges around the health and wellness of its employees.


These pandemic times have seen a global upsurge in the sales of both alcohol and drugs. Substance use, misuse and abuse and the costly impact on the workplace is a real and far-reaching problem.


Statistics show that the majority of people using and abusing alcohol and drugs are employed (SAMHSA).


The knock-on effect that this has on colleagues and employers is multifaceted. 




In financial terms substance misuse and abuse, both in and outside the workplace, causes millions of lost work days due to absenteeism every year, resulting in billions in lost productivity to the employers, as well as increased health insurance claims.


In human costs, alcohol and drug misuse and abuse by employees can lead to deaths, injuries and accidents, with the consequent financial costs of increased liability claims. 


Whilst these are the most serious problems faced, we cannot overlook what is happening on a daily basis within the workplace and the long-term, cumulative impact these issues have including:

  • lost productivity and efficiency

  • theft

  • tardiness and sleeping on the job

  • hangover and withdrawal symptoms impacting atmosphere and performance

  • lowering of staff morale and team spirit

  • increase in problems between employees and supervisors

  • impaired judgement and poor decision making

  • higher turnover and increased costs of training new employees

  • illegal activities in the workplace

  • increase in disciplinary procedures.


Whilst statistics vary from country to country, one common theme is that alcohol is the most prevalent substance abuse issue. 


Here at Miracles@Home we have developed programs to deal with each and every issue that arises so that we can best support employees in finding the best solution for the problems they are facing. 


It's can be challenging for employers and managers to help employees and protect themselves and their companies when a drug and alcohol problem has become apparent. It puts increasing pressure on Human Resources departments, who the company looks to for an answer. 



That's where Miracles@Home comes in. We provide expert, confidential advice and support for employers and employees. Not only are our online programs affordable, they are designed to fit around your employees' working day. Lost work days are minimized effectively while your employee continues to learn and practice solutions to address their compulsive behavior problems in our treatment program.

Benefits of sustained employment

Our intensive, 12 week non-residential self-taught and facilitated programs, enables the employee to go to work and access our programs in their own time.



Supporting employees in recovery also creates higher levels of job satisfaction and loyalty which, in turn, can directly and positively affect your bottom line. Employees who feel supported and have a high degree of job satisfaction work harder, display more engagement, show up to work with greater regularity, and stay with an employer longer.

Affordable for most

You may want to consider investing in your employee. Miracles@Home offers affordable, accessible treatment. Even so, the costs may be a challenge for staff or HR. Alternatively, you could appoint us as your company’s preferred provider for addiction advice and treatment, in which case we can arrange an individual session-dependent contractual rate.



Miracles@ Home is perfectly placed to help you adopt a safe and responsible approach to workplace problems that arise from staff who have problems with alcohol, drugs or other compulsive problems.


We offer a wide range of support services for employers, including a free addiction assessment service. Once an employee is on our program, we provide regular alcohol testing (only alcohol testing online) and attendance reports so you can be sure they are committed to their recovery. 


If someone you employ or work with has a problem with alcohol, drugs or other compulsive behaviors please get in touch for free, confidential advice from one of our addiction specialists. 

Sober Link Remote Alcohol Monitoring Technology 

Our online alcohol monitoring system.

Using face recognition technology.

Soberlink helps you keep your staff connected to their counsellors in a way that does not disrupt their everyday lives. 


Soberlink online testing is a great way to keep employees honest and accountable to their dedicated counsellors.

The benefits of using Soberlink include:


For The Staff Member: 

         - Stay connected to their recovery circle,

         - Builds accountability and structure,

         - Documents sobriety. 


For the Company: 

          - Helps build trust 

          - Documents results 

          - Peace of Mind 

          - Return on Investment

How does Soberlink work?

The company Miracles@Home and the Employee will agree on a testing schedule. The system will then send out reminders for a scheduled test and the employee will simply blow into the device. The system will already know the employees face and will record the test. 


The web portal securely keeps all the test records and if agreed upon provides the employer and Miracles@Home with the results. 


Miracles @Home can work with the company to have regular testing with optional counselling via the internet, making sure employees have the best chance of success in their therapy. 



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